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Ceiling: 600*600 gypsum board ceiling 19 yuan / square; 600 * 600 covered gypsum board ceiling 20 yuan / square; 600* 600 mineral wool board ceiling 32 yuan / square; 600 * 600 rock wool board ceiling 38 yuan / square; gypsum board flat top 45 yuan / square; gypsum board shape top 85 yuan / square; PVC gusset ceiling 42 yuan / square starting; aluminum slab ceiling 68 yuan / square from the grid ceiling 25 yuan / square; partition: light steel keel gypsum board partition 33 yuan / square; 10 cm aerated block partition 95 Yuan/square starting; 20 cm aerated block partition 130 yuan / square; scraping putty: shovel wall skin 2 yuan / square; once putty 5 yuan / square; two times putty 8 yuan / Squared; polished 5 yuan / square; one latex paint 3 yuan / square; two times latex paint 6 yuan / square; tempered glass partition 180 yuan / square; aluminum alloy partition 160 yuan / square; plastic steel partition 130 Yuan/square; Floor:0.8 thick laminate flooring 30 yuan / square; 0.8 thick laminate flooring 35 yuan / square; 1.2 thick composite floor 40 yuan / square; 1.2 Reinforced laminate floor 45 yuan / square; 1.2 thick solid wood floor 185 yuan / square; door: security door 990 yuan / set of paint-free door 550 yuan / set; steel door 650 yuan / set; paint door 980 yuan / Set up; glass sliding door 120 yuan / set; folding glass sliding door 290 yuan / set; other items: one time waterproof 25 yuan / square; two times waterproof 40 yuan / square; paving Tile 65 yuan / square; marble countertop 90 yuan / square; cabinet 420 yuan / square; hard package 180 yuan / square; soft package 220 yuan / square; posted wallpaper 18 yuan / square; steel wood staircase 300 yuan / square; steel structure 400 yuan / square; iron sheet room 240 yuan / square; dry hanging marble 350 yuan / square; above quotes are labor and materials prices
Home Improvement Case
Ceiling partition
Service Process
  • Free consultation
    Customer consultation request, preliminary inspection to determine the time and place of the door-to-door
  • On-site volume room
    According to the appointed time, the designer will take the spot measurement and communicate with the design according to the requirements of the owner.
  • Budget assessment
    According to the design style chosen by the customer, the designer carries out the home decoration design and finally determines the design plan and related budget.
  • \t\t\t\t\t\tsigning the contract
    Sign the decoration and decoration project contract on the premise of the two parties confirming the design plan and budget
  • Completion acceptance
    The project was completed and the construction site was cleaned and sorted.
  • \t\t\t\t\t\twarranty service
    According to the contract, the decoration company is responsible for the maintenance work of the renovation project for a certain period of time.
Customer Voice
  • Miss Xie
    Very good, during the renovation process, I don"t have time to look at it, just wait until the decoration is finished, it"s really good, trustworthy!
  • \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tMr. Gao
    The people in this company are very real. The workers are very serious in their work. The design can be based on the design they like. In short, the decoration of my home is very satisfactory.
  • Mr. Zhang
    The design effect meets the requirements, the decoration decoration quality is reliable, and the workmanship is fine. very satisfied!
  • Mr. Li
    This company is very good, from management to designers are very enthusiastic, especially the first impression of the company"s responsible person is very real, very professional, we are married
  • Ms. Wu
    The style is fashionable, generous, and the space is very reasonable. The decoration materials used are quite good. I don’t have much special smell when I live in it. The overall effect is better than I expected.
Industry News
Renovation Classroom
Renovation Feng Shui
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